Fast moving goods, global capacity.

FMCG is an increasingly evolving and competitive industry, it is vital for brands to have the competitive edge in terms of speed.

We employ the very best use of technology, ensuring it is at the forefront of all our processes, resulting in fast-paced logistics and supply chain solutions.

In response to an ever-evolving industry, your supply chain needs to be efficient, agile and sustainable to cope with heightened demands and an influx of volumes. EV Cargo Logistics optimises your processes to provide supply chain solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

Reaching over 120 countries throughout our international network, our distribution models accommodate increased volumes, customer expectations and digital channels from warehousing through to transport and delivery.

  1. 175 UK operating centres
  2. 5000 logistics professionals
  3. 20,000 delivery vehicles
  4. 9 million sq. ft of warehousing

We streamline processes to create the most efficient solutions in a time-critical industry and operate with local logistical understanding, on a global scale.

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