We are the intelligent link between manufacturer and grocery retailer.

Leading food manufacturers all over the world entrust us to fulfil their orders from our national network of modern warehouse facilities, 365 days of the year. We provide overseas food processors, growers and importers with immediate and cost-efficient access to UK consumers.

Whether triggered by promotions, specific events or seasonality, we are adept at flexing our resources to manage changes in demand. This responsiveness maximises your product availability on shelf.

Our operational teams understand the specific requirements of each delivery location. We use this knowledge to schedule our deliveries and ensure orders are presented in a ‘retailer ready’ format. This increases the likelihood that deliveries are made without complication.

UK Food Imports

Whether arriving by sea or via road, products can be available for dispatch at an unrivalled speed. This ensures chilled food arrives fresher with longer shelf life – a benefit for the manufacturer, retailer and consumer.

Bulk food shipments no longer need to be transported on lengthy journeys inland before unloading can take place – eliminating unnecessary and costly food miles.

Our temperature-controlled facilities enable the creation of international end-to-end supply chain solutions and the potential to unlock savings of 10-20% of the cost of inbound logistics to the UK.

Our purpose-built facilities seamlessly integrate with our extensive transport network that delivers to every retailer RDC, every day.

Core Services

We can reduce the burden and cost of your ambient, chilled and frozen inbound logistics.

Web Portals
We provide a web portal for customers to place orders. It is simple to use, ensure timely information is available to all parties and eliminates the risk of keying errors.

Delivery Window
We then confirm a collection window and provide a plan for the pallets, dollies or cages to be loaded onto the trailer.

Consolidate Orders
This step allows us to efficiently transfer stock across our network, ensuring our national fleet can reach even the more remote locations, every day of the week.

Shared Transport
At the same time, we consolidate the orders we receive for a specific retailer RDC onto the lowest number of deliveries necessary. This reduces complexity for the retailer and keeps transport costs to a minimum.

Customer Support
If you have a query about a delivery, simply call our central Customer Service team. Our systems provide real time access to the location of every vehicle and order.

Proof of Delivery
After delivery, drivers return the Proof of Delivery (POD) paperwork. These documents are available electronically on our web portal within 24 hours of receipt at our processing facility.

Delivery Performance
After each trading period we are able to provide a set of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports which indicate the delivery performance achieved.

Value Added Services

The nature of our customers’ production planning often requires us to deliver an enhanced level of service.

Delivery Time Picker
If required, we can collect at a fixed time of the day or over a longer time window.

Longer Turnaround Time
This can provide manufacturers a longer production window or to ensure finished product is removed from site in a timely manner to minimise site congestion.

KPI Reporting
We commonly provide these customers with a more comprehensive set of SLAs monitored via KPIs to help them to better manage their business performance.

Personal Account
This information also helps to identify opportunities where we can work collaboratively to increase the effectiveness of our services. We provide a dedicated account manager to assist in this task.

Retailer Compliant
Whenever possible we aim to transport orders that are fully Retailer compliant to avoid rejected deliveries and product damages in transit. We will take additional measures on behalf of the manufacture to achieve this.

Return Handling
If required, we can manage the collection of product returns and product recalls under the direction of our customers.

Equipment Returns
Via our returning vehicles we have the capacity to collect and return equipment such as dollies, trays and pallets according to the requirements specified by each Retailer.

RFID Tracking
We have the technology to utilise RFID tagging of products. This provides an additional level of order tracking, speed and accuracy through the network.

Dual Temperature
Our fleet is capable of operating dual temperature regimes. This capability lends itself to the transportation of produce or ‘time critical’ ambient categories such a fresh bakery products.

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