Market leaders in warehousing facilities

Leading manufacturers all over the world entrust us to fulfil their orders from our national network of modern warehouse facilities, 365 days of the year.

With warehousing capacity in strategic locations across the UK, we have the infrastructure and system capabilities to satisfy your storage needs.

Our market leading warehouse management system and use of paperless picking technology provide exceptional stock control, fewer pick error, greater operational efficiency and better, first time product availability.

We adhere to the FEFO (first expired, first out) stock discipline as standard practice and can provide both multiple MLOR (minimum life on receipt) and retailer greater than last expiry date received management.

When it comes to the main volume peaks of the year, such as Christmas or Easter, we will work with you from the earliest opportunity to professionally plan and manage the additional volume throughputs efficiently, ensuring supply matches demand.

Core Services

At EV Cargo Logistics, we make it easy for customers to join our network by managing the entire transition.

Low risk transfer
We employ highly trained people with accredited project management skills. The result is a confident, low risk transfer which places focus on master data set up, resource planning and systems testing, through to physical picking and the generation of demand plans.

Seamless integration
Our warehouse operations integrate seamlessly with our nationwide ambient transport network that delivers to every retailer’s regional distribution centre (RDC), every day.

Proof of delivery (POD)
In addition to periodic KPI reporting, we ensure received POD paperwork is available to view online within 24 hours of our receipt. This provides you with the information you need to manage your order to cash process with your customers.

Traceability and control
In the unfortunate event of a product recall, our warehouse management and transport systems provide maximum traceability and control.

24/7 availability
We also manage product returns and retailer claims/debit notes on behalf of our clients and our helpful Customer Service team is always accessible to assist with resolving queries.

Value-added Services

Exceptional pick accuracy
To achieve exceptional pick accuracy performance, we can implement a systematic check of the available stock at every pick location visited by an operative as orders are assembled. This ensures near 100% accuracy rates.

Cost savings
We also work collaboratively with our customers to improve their pallet fill rates and eliminate the risk of damages in transit. This often requires a review of the product packaging – however the commercial benefits can be considerable.

Peak trading periods
We can provide a cost-effective solution for additional, temporary warehouse storage capacity over peak trading periods such as Christmas and Easter.

Detailed KPI’s
If required, we can provide a more detailed set of KPI service reports covering factors such as outbound service, cost, and operational productivity.

Dedicated account manager
An account manager will be provided to build an in-depth understanding of the customers requirement and conduct regular reviews.

Avoid rejected deliveries
Whenever possible we aim to transport orders that are fully retailer compliant to avoid rejected deliveries and product damages in transit. We will take additional measures on behalf of the manufacturer or supplier to achieve this.

Collections on your behalf
If required, we can manage the collection of product returns and product recalls under the direction of our customers.

Retailer friendly packaging
Our warehouse facilities have the capability to offer services to re-work product into ‘retailer friendly’ packaging formats. This includes creating multi-packs, variety packs or re-packing into different pack or pallet formats.

Reduce your overheads
We are also able to take on commercial relationships on behalf of our customers. Examples include managing a pallet account with organisations such as CHEP and invoicing the retailer for goods delivered.

Improve your ROI
We commonly work with our customers to perform a full value chain analysis of their ‘end-to-end’ supply chain. This can unlock significant value over the long term.

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