Continual investment in technology, systems and processes allow us to reduce carbon emissions, minimise waste products and cut energy usage.

Our significant investment to improve sustainability and limit the business impact on the environment has seen a substantial reduction in overall emissions as we continue to ensure our commitment to the environment through innovation and waste management.

A green logistics company

Our outlook is to consider the environment and preserve the planet as much as we possibly can for future generations to come. The backbone of our business is working together as one, together with our customers we strive every day to protect the environment on a global scale.

EV Cargo truck on the road

How do we do it?

It can be easy for logistics companies to value speed over sustainability when consumers increasingly expect products to be delivered by express, next day delivery. EV Cargo Logistics are committed to reducing emissions and looking after the environment. By using a less-than-truck load approach, the number of vehicles on the road is reduced and space is optimised. Warehouses also use low-energy lighting, PIR controlled lighting and undergo strict recycling processes to reduce waste materials.